Technical Support

Take full advantage of your Cubroid Coding Blocks with product-specific quick-start guides and other troubleshooting tips

1. Phone Coding App Guide

This guide teaches you :

  • How to link your coding blocks to the phone apps and how to code them
  • The difference between Coding Cubroid 2 and 3 Apps

2. Group Numbering

This guide teaches you how to set and use group numbering when you have more than 1 set of Cubroid Coding Blocks in the same space like classrooms, exhibitions, etc.

3. iPad Technical App Guide

4. Scratch Technical Guide

This guide teaches you how to use your coding blocks with Scratch

5. Unboxing Cubroid Coding Block

Wondering what’s in the box? Check out this unboxing video to know the contents of your Cubroid Coding Block Package!

6. Firmware update

This guide teaches you how to update the firmware using Cubroid Manager App and Phone Coding Apps

Cubroid aims to provide the easiest computing and robotics education in the world!

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